We carry out the transportation of petroleum products throughout Ukraine

The company has its own fleet. This allows us to provide our customers with services for the transportation of various types of light petroleum products: diesel fuel, gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel, kerosene and much more. The company also carries out transportation of bitumen, fuel oil, motor oil. Specially equipped tanks - bitumen trucks are used for transportation. This allows you to maintain the optimum temperature of dark petroleum products, which is very important when transporting them.

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Delivery time

Working with us, you can be absolutely sure that your order will be delivered on time and in strict compliance with all safety rules. Having vast experience in the field of organization of transportation of oil products, we will help to determine the most optimal route and select the most favorable conditions of transportation.

Own fleet

Fuel is known to be one of the most dangerous cargoes. In this regard, special signs are installed on vehicles. Only special tanks are used for transportation, the condition of which is carefully monitored. The entire fleet of the company is regularly inspected, repaired, and serviced.

Professional drivers

Only professional drivers with at least 15 years of experience work in our team. All of them have extensive experience in the delivery of various petroleum products by road. In addition, drivers are constantly undergoing professional retraining, as well as improving their skills.


The cost of transportation of goods is calculated individually for each client. The price depends on the distance of transportation and the volume of the shipped goods. Also, depending on the client's wishes, we provide insurance services.

We are interested in constant cooperation with our customers. Work without the intervention of intermediaries allows us to keep prices at the lowest level !!!

Our clients

Gas station networks

Swiss Oil Union cooperates with retail gas station operators and large transport companies

Industrial Enterprises

Our partners are large metallurgical enterprises, industrial companies and mining enterprises.

Agricultural enterprises

Our partners are agricultural holding companies, whose land bank is from 100 ha to 500 thousand ha, farms (small, medium and large), elevators, grain terminals, agricultural processing enterprises. Alliance Energy Trade always guarantees prompt delivery of agreed volumes of fuel. We carry out a full cycle of measures for the supply of petroleum products from the manufacturer to the final consumer

Road construction

We offer a full range of petroleum products for road construction companies: bitumen, diesel, fuel oil, gasoline and liquefied gas. Swiss Oil Union owns its own fleet, which allows us to deliver the volumes you need in an agreed time.

Quality certificates

Сертификат соответствия

Битум нефтяной дорожный вязкий марки БНД 60/90

Сертификат соответствия

Битум нефтяной дорожный вязкий марки БНД 60/90

Сертификат соответствия

Битум нефтяной дорожный вязкий марки БНД 60/90